5 things to remember after facial treatments at the spa

Do not wash your face for 12 hours

More stringent, experts even advise you not to touch your face in half a day after conducting therapy. That’s because you’ve been undergoing deep cleaning step within 60 minutes earlier. Therefore, dirt and bacteria can be spread from the hands to the skin surface easily cause skin damage. If you feel greasy, just rinse with cool water is sufficient.

p5Do not squeeze pimples on the face for 24 hours

After undergoing care steps, many ladies have a habit of hand “resolved” leftover acne spots on your face. However, this step is considered to be the “care” extremely wrong and should alarm. In essence, this acne spots not because your esthetician accidentally forgotten, but because they have not fully “ripe” to take away. So please be patient to wait at least 24 hours to avoid injury or facial swelling.

p6Do not use cosmetics Retin A / Renova for at least 72 hours

After treatment, your skin becomes more sensitive than normal. Therefore, you should not use cosmetics that contain retin A / Renova in hair removal gel, acne cream, exfoliating cream … within 2-3 days later. This will help the skin to rest and avoid redness.

p7Stay away from the sun

According to current statistics, 100% the facial care methods are related to the step exfoliation makes the skin more fragile. Therefore, immediately after treatment, new skin layers underneath are vulnerable and can be attacked by harmful UV rays. So, stay away from the sun by cleverly scheduled their beauty in the afternoon or evening to eliminate this unnecessary risk.
Note drink plenty of water

p1Still advice “classic” for all women. Soon after, this facial is also required. It not only helps your skin hydrated, dry reduction, but also helps the body to quickly push out the toxins can be absorbed during facial treatments easily.

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