Revealing how to prevent and treat skin pigmentation sweltering summer day

But does not affect health, but affects skin pigmentation directly back to the aesthetics of the skin, causing many women feel shy, self-deprecating in communication. So what to do to treat melasma root?


Melasma is the fear of the majority of sisters
The reason skin pigmentation can arise from many causes, such as:

– Do genetics

– Endocrine disorders in pregnant women, menopause;

– Diet mismatch, lack of fresh fruits and vegetables;

– The impact of UV rays under the sun;

– Use of improper cosmetics …

The main reason is due to hormonal changes in pregnancy and hormonal changes in the premenopausal period, making the production of melanin is stimulated and overgrowth, disrupt metabolism, tangled pituitary dysfunction, gonads.

Prevention of skin pigmentation for the summer:

– Actively avoid the sun: Because the sun is the main culprit for skin darkening and sisters should be intensive and sisters need to use appropriate sunscreen to protect your skin. When out in the sun should use long sleeves, masks and hats are essential instruments for the sisters. Protect the safety of skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. This will help women prevent melasma recurrence.

– Do not abuse cosmetics: Do not be too engrossed with many such cosmetic lipstick, powder, lotion … for the beauty that lead to unnecessary. It would make more freckles, acne more if not properly facials. You also should not use these creams do not originate melasma.

– Reasonable diet: sensible diet by eating lots of vegetables and fruits will help you get more vitamins, rich in antioxidants to help your skin look better from the inside. These will provide sufficient vitamins and antioxidants for the skin, to prevent skin pigmentation.


– Limit stress: Life with a lot of pressure, a lot of stress exist. This if prolonged would make you become anxious, even stress. From that hormonal imbalance, affecting the skin as pigmentation, burns, skin aging, … So to get a preventive effect, you should get good mood, there are many times relaxing, stress limitations.

How to treat melasma root:

However, for people with melasma, sun protection from outside and added nutrients from the vegetables is not enough, the only somewhat prevention reduce the possibility of spreading of melasma also substantially we continue to develop and link to form deep roots, clinging to the skin. Therefore, to eradicate foot and prevent the risk of hyperpigmentation we go back, you should seek specific treatment of high technology.

It is difficult to treat by conventional pigmentation

Always at the forefront in the field of beauty 2 Pure Spa has applied advanced technology leading melasma today it is the latest technology Pico melasma care, Noblex, Laser Toning ….

Picotechnology care: This is a perfect solution for the treatment of pigmentation. Pico Technology with dual wavelength laser on the same system, the machine can penetrate deep into any location that professionals desire, shorten treatment time, without pleasure. Pico Care Pulse width and ultra-high capacity allows optimizing results.

Clinical results show that Pico Care is unsurpassed safety technologies do not cause irritation, which can degrade the pigment particles into the body to help rejection without invasive, does not leave scars.

Results after treatment melasma formidable:

– Remove from 80-95% feet deep pigmentation

– The skin becomes pale, smooth

– You can easily see the results immediately after the first treatment

– Eliminate root burnt legs, not scarring

p1Pico Technology helps clear skin pigmentation care, whiter
Let’s dispel fears related skin pigmentation Pure Spa for specific advice will you do?

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